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        Online booking

              To find the perfect time for your next visit, use our online booking system.



               When booking a time for hair coloring, we remind You that the prices shown, are service prices.

               Haircolor is charged separetely. 0,35 - 0,40 €/g is added to the service price. All the Hair coloring services have shown                

               the average color amount next to them.


               If Your desired Treatment (Gel nails) can not be found in our Online enviroment, please send Us a 



               Also we remind You that You have 2 different salons to choose from. 


               RandRilu salongTallinn -  SINCE 01.02.2022 WE ARE LOCATED AT TÖÖSTUSE 47A 

               RandRilu salong Viimsi - Sõpruse tee 9

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