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About Us

RandRilu Salong is guided by the beatiful words of the famous author Maya Agelou:


" I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


For Us it means, that we want to take pride in offering our cilents a memorable salon experience with very good service and a happy staff in addition to high quality standards.



      , Be Present 'to always be the best version of yourself. Discreet and reliable. Notice others, which provides reassurance to other team members and our                     customers.


        Enjoy your work and feel joy and pride in it. Shine and let others shine. Be open-minded, smile, hug and make compliments, offering recognition.


        Be aware of what is going on in your line of work, be curious, be interested and inform other team members. Contribute to self-education and share knowledge          with others. Be able to listen to customers, share suggestions and tips. To be punctual, conscientious, responsible and to maintain a good and friendly                      atmosphere in the salon, as well as general maintenance, in addition to that of your personal workplace.

In our work we use products by KEVIN.MURPHY , whose COLOR.ME hair colors are environmentally friendly, are not tested on animals and are based on as many naturally derived ingredients as possible, including honey, pomegranate and shea butter. The Styling products are also environmentally friendly and do not contain sulphates and parabens.

And meet our salon staff!



Senior Stylist

Meet Raimo, the other half of heart of Randrilu salon.


Raimo has been working as a hairdresser since 1997, during this long career, Raimo has been to many hot hair shows, fashion shows, hairdressing competitions (where he has won first place) and backstage. For example, I remember more vividly the Guinness World Record event in Madrid, where there were the most models of different nationalities and the longest fashion show ever. Randrilu salon was created together with Risto, they have also performed together, for example, at a beauty fair, where they had to do fantasy hairstyles for lingerie models, within the framework of the beauty fair in 2002, Raimo also participated in a competition with make-up artist Meelis Kirk, where they again won first place, where the theme was "fashion icon of the 20s on a magazine cover" . Of course, Raimo is also always at many fashion events in Tallinn, ERKI fashion show, Tallinn fashion week, etc., creating beautiful hairstyles for models.

Raimo likes to make filigree updo hairstyles as well as precise haircuts as a hairdresser.

All people who would like and suit outstanding colors, cuts and hairstyles should contact Raimo.

In his free time, Raimo can be found cycling, gardening or traveling

Favorite color: YELLOW AND PURPLE

Raimo:" Among people, I value the person himself the most, i.e. benevolence, cordiality, sincerity and respect for another person reflected in them!"

I like working at RandRilu because it's cool to do my own thing :)

Our customers are just like us, happy, fun and always up for a joke and a good time. They also like glamour and watching and participating in our activities.


Risto Pillaroo


Educator / Senior Stylist / Makeup Artist

Meet Risto, one half of the heart of RandRilu salon.

Risto has been working as a hairdresser since 2005, from that time to the present, Risto has many great achievements, including the creation of the RandRilu salon and being a trainer for Kevin Murphy Estonia. Risto has twice participated in the Hairfusion show, Kevin Murphy's "Future.Love" show in Prague, "FAST.FORWARD" show in Berlin and Finland, in Estonia Risto always takes part in Tallinn Fashion Weeks, backstage at DISAINIÖÖ shows as well as the ERKI fashion show, creating hair art.

What Risto loves most about being a hairdresser is creating a whole, both in terms of color and cut, especially if sometimes the person themself does not immediately have a clear vision, then the process of figuring it out gives Risto a lot of joy.

All people who like a personal approach to hair and especially interesting and different color solutions should contact Risto.

Since Risto is extremely hardworking and passionate about things, the little free time he has left besides work and training, he gladly uses for walks, and it must be said that even in his free time, Risto still works and prepares, still better results and following new trends and in the name of creation


Risto: "I like working at RandRilu because such like-minded and nice people have come here, who are inspiring and with whom you can create beauty and organize nice events. And of course our wonderful customers are definitely one reason"

Our people are customer-aware, attentive, very nice to us, and some of them already have a long history and the joy of seeing them again is always great!


Argo Rohtla


Hairstylist / Makeup Artist / Nail Tech.


Janette Iskül



Meet Janette.

She has already worked in RandRilu salon for even before she graduated from hairdressing school. Since her internship. She was already attracted to the profession of a hairdresser as a teenager, but she began to acquire the skills years later.

In hairdressing, Janette is particularly passionate about men's cuts and all lightening works (balayage, highlights and all kinds of special techniques in general), so all lovers of such cuts and weaves are very welcome to her!

In her spare time, Janette enjoys music, especially singing and playing the piano.

Janette: "I appreciate honesty the most in people, and a person who is very passionate and diligent about something, whether it's their job or a hobby, is especially attractive."

Favorite color: YELLOW AND ORANGE

I like working at RandRilu because there are good people here and many nice and educational projects that you can participate in.

The clientele of our salon is colorful and people are humorous, it never gets boring :)

Book an appointment with Janette!


Hedy Õunaid


Junior Hairstylist

Meet Hedy.

Hedy has been working as a hairdresser continuously and full-time since the beginning of 2021, although 3 years have passed since the end of school, until now the work of a hairdresser has been more of a hobby alongside another job. At the moment, all parts of the hairdresser's work are exciting for Hedy, because as she says: "Everything is still in the learning phase and every thing and activity is still very, very exciting" Although if she had to choose, she especially likes women's short haircuts and blowdries.

People who enjoy salon treatments for hair or scalp could come to Hedy, because Hedy is a real pro in head massage, she enjoys it herself and people talk about it on their next visit. Certainly, in the case of Hedy, her nimble fingers should also be mentioned, as all kinds of braids are her domain and hobby.

In her spare time, Hedy likes to grab a good book first thing and read it in one go, and if there is time left over from the book, she likes to draw or move in the open air.

Hedy: "For me, the most important qualities in a person are friendliness, openness and honesty".


I like working at RandRilu the most because it has a nice cozy interior and colleagues who are nice and helpful.

The clients of our salon are also friendly like my colleagues, but a very varied group with different wishes.

Book an appointment with Hedy today!


Eve Kallandi



Eve has been working as a Cosmetologist for 15 years. She is also a qualified DMK Skin Treatment therapist, which enables her to offer a variety of solutions to the most problematic skin issues. She loves to see happy nad satisfied customers, which is the best recognition.

To book appointments to Eve call or send a text:

(+372) 528 5353

Merle Peegel


Nail Technician

Meet Merle.

Merle has been working as a nail technician since 2005, during this time Merle has several diplomas to show for example, 2nd place in French manicure at the nail technician competition between the Baltic countries. Merle has trained herself a lot in the form of different nail designs.

Merle feels that she can express herself creatively on the nails of her clients, and it is especially nice to do this for those people who may not have had their own vision of design when they arrived, but when they left, she was able to make them happy with the design she came up with.

Merle herself says that everyone who wants a correct and beautiful French manicure is very welcome to come to me!

In her spare time, Merle enjoys walking, cleaning and spending time with friends.

Favorite color: BLACK AND WHITE

I like working at RandRilu because there is a calm atmosphere and good people

The clientele of our salon is colorful, many different people. Most customers are quite aware of their wishes, that's why they have found their way here.

Book an appointment with Merle on Instagram @merle.nails and on Facebook Merle Nails 

Gerta Raidma


Young nail technician

Meet Gerta.

Book an appointment with Gerta or on Instagram @lacqueer_nails and on Facebook Lacqueer

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