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Dear customer!

Quietly, our daily normal begins to recover.

However, we still have some restrictions,
with the health and safety of all our employees and customers in mind.

In addition to the usual hygiene and sanitation requirements, we will also continue with increased hygiene measures.
After each client's visit, we disinfect the chairs, the service area and also common areas.
For our part, we limit the number of people in the salon at one time. There are 2 + 2, or 2 customers and their attendant in the room at the same time.
We also ask you, dear customer, to cooperate with us:

* Let Us know if you have recently been in contact with any people with symptoms.
Or if you feel unwell. In the current situation, there is nothing bad about this if you have to unexpectedly cancel your booked time.
We will book a new time and we will be available for you in a few weeks.

* We only accept pre-booked customers.

* Follow the instructions and signs at the entrance to the salon to enter.

* If you come to the salon, we recommend that you come alone, without companions.

* Wash your hands with soap and water. We have set up a hand sanitizer in the salon, which you can also use safely.

* If desired, You can also buy a disposable mask.

* Avoid touching your face.

* Avoid crowded events and gatherings.

We reserve the right not to serve customers with symptoms.

We hope for your understanding, and we wish you good health and patience!

Additional information can be obtained from the salon by phone or e-mail

Always yours


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