Hair Treatments

Junior hairstylist / Hairstylist / Senior hairstylist


16-32 / 20-40 / 23-43

60 min.

(Sisaldab pesu, föönisoengut ja zguttimist)

TAHE MAGIC BOTOX JUUKSEHOOLDUS (lisatuna juuksevärvi teenusele)

8-16 / 10-20 / 13-23

90 min.

KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME niisutav hooldus


(Lisandub föönisoengu ja/või juukselõikuse hind)

OLAPLEX juukseid taastav, parandav ja tugevdav VESILAHUSE HOOLDUS

32 / 40 / 40

(Lisandub föönisoengu ja/või juukselõikuse hind)

OLAPLEX juukseid taastav, parandav ja tugevdav VESILAHUSE HOOLDUS (lisatuna juuksevärvi teenusele)

32 / 40 / 40


Lisatuna värvi, blondeerija, keemilise loki või keemilise sirgendamise sisse. Aitab kaitsta ja tugevdada juuksestruktuuri

OLAPLEX N#1 lisatuna värviteenusele 1 ml

5 / 6 / 6

OLAPLEX N#1 lisatuna värviteenusele 1,8 ml

8 / 10 / 10

OLAPLEX N#1 lisatuna värviteenusele 3.75 ml

12 / 15 / 15

OLAPLEX N#1 lisatuna värviteenusele 7.5 ml

20 / 25 / 25

OLAPLEX N#1 lisatuna värviteenusele 15 ml

36 / 45 / 45

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Tahe Magic Botox is an unique age defying Hair Treatment. It gives back moisture and real shine. The 4 main ingridients of Tahe Magic Botox are: 
  - Argan Oil - The most expensive oil in the world also known as "Liquid Gold of Maroko." Argan Oil has regenerating and heat protective qualities and is also a strong antioxydant. 
  - Keratin – acts as a moisturising agent, which restores the hair fibre, maintains and repairs the structure of the cuticle and protects it against the damaging chemical and physical side effects.
  - Natural collagen – moisturises and nourishes the hair and restores its former youthful look.
  - Hyaluronic acid – deep moisturiser, able to bind water a thousand times of its own weight
Tahe Magic Botox Hair Treatment is meant for damaged, dry and over processed hair. The goal of the Treatment is to bring back moisture and restore the hair both on the inside and the outside. Bring back elasticity and remove frizz.


At home Treatment
After the Magic Botox Treatment it is recommended to use sulphate free shampoo at home. Tahe Magic Shampoo and hair mask Magic Mask between times of use in order to maintain and extend the Botox effect.
For the best result you should have 4 sessions, once in every 15-30 days.
Visible results from the first time of use.

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