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Competitions held within the framework of the beauty fair "Ilu Sõnum" 2011.

Once again, many thanks to Greta and Küllikes, who were simply super models. Many thanks also to Maiken Staak for the stunning pictures. Kaja Tammsalu for the jewelry, which were real works of art. To Risto for the beautiful and creative make-up and to Erik for the skillful needle-thread work and help. And, of course, many thanks to Sirje for her great support, faith and inspiration. Thank you :)
Beauty Message 2011 Full Fashion look

Model: Greta

Women's commercial salon cut.

Model: Küllike

Beauty Fair  "Beauty Message" 2001

​​Estonian open championship on the topic "Woman on the fashion page of the 20s"  Esikoht.

Make-up: Meelis Krik

Beauty Fair  "Beauty Message" 2005

​​Full Fashion Look


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